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by Rickles at 3:25 PM
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April is fast approaching and with it the first major MTG:RP update for 2015. As you may or may not be aware, the admin and dev teams made a decision that MTG:RP updates (aside from bugfixes, mapping and changes that absolutely need to be made right now) will happen on a quarterly basis. The feeling was that, previously, updates had sort of lost their "WOW!" factor with the community because there was no rhyme or reason to when they would happen and they happened quite frequently and were...
by Rickles at 3:45 PM
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There's been a trend lately of people saying incredibly offensive things like, "That's aids" or "This shootout is going to give me ebola" and similar crap. Well, it stops now. Use that sort of thing on the forums or in OOC means in-game (/v, /b, etc.) and you will receive the standard warning for inappropriate language.
by Rickles at 5:14 PM
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Server is back up.

Please read this:http://mt-gaming.com/index.php?threads/server-host-status.65917/page-3#post-957154

Since the maintenance window will be from 2 AM to 7 AM my time and I have to do these silly little things called sleep and go to work, the server will be shutdown around 10 or 11 PM GMT -5 and will be back up whenever I have time to do so.
by Rickles at 12:26 PM
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Shortly after the launch of MTG:LS, the admin team made a deliberate decision to be more lenient with gunfights because they're interesting and exciting. This has had its ups and downs but overall it's a decision we feel good about.

Having said that, it has become overwhelmingly obvious to the admin team that there are a few players who have decided to become knowledgeable about GTA hitboxes/geometry and to use that to their unfair advantage. Gunfights are only fun if there's a fair chance...
by Rickles at 9:41 PM
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I'm making this post because my status will get lost in the sea of over-reactions.

Action #1: A number of players were punished for their idiocy surrounding a players mention of suicide. Some of those players were members/leaders of Cartel.

Action #2: Official gangs are supposed to be examples of what MTG can be/can offer and Cartel has not lived up to that. There were numerous factors involved here.

While Action #1 certainly affected the timing of Action #2, it was not the sole reason...
by Rickles at 1:19 PM
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Good afternoon everybody! Just a quick announcement here regarding spaces/areas where players will be considered protected from robbery.

Previously our rule of thumb was that robbing players in public places was ICly a dumb thing to do, because in real life nobody in their right mind would rob another person in front of a police station, but it was allowed. After listening to player feedback and some discussion amongst the admin team, we're going to modify/expand upon that rule.

Any job...
by Rickles at 5:21 PM
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Good afternoon everybody!

I'm going to be making a number of enhancements on the forums and I figured a post would be easier to track than statuses all over the place. Some will be completely behind-the-scenes, some will be for staff only, and some will be for everybody. I'll list all the changes that apply to everybody here and I look forward to your feedback.

So far:
- Thread events. Ever had problems...