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Trippy approached me with an idea while back and I thought it was a fantastic one: MTG should do a bit of community outreach and help with the current refugee crisis that's going on.

If you're not sure what I mean when I say "refugee crisis", here's a very simplified breakdown of what's going on today in the world:


So here's what we're going to do: 50% of all user upgrades (VIP, forum name changes, etc.) purchased between Oct 18 2015 12:00 AM and Oct 24 2015 11:59 PM will be donated to a charity that is assisting with the crisis. The particular charity is still being looked into and I'll make sure to notify you all when that decision is made.
With many, many apologies, it's my responsibility to announce that the autumn update has to be delayed; it was supposed to be this coming weekend but now it has to be pushed back. The prison system is not even close to being finished and that is a major part of what everybody was looking forward to. Please understand that the dev team will be working hard on getting this update completed as soon as possible.
Well folks, the MTG four year anniversary weekend is upon us! We'll be hosting events and doing all sorts of fun stuff today, tomorrow and Sunday.

For SAMP, we've got a paycheck bonus running at the moment and we're also stashing money and drugs and guns all around the server. The stashes will bw periodically refreshed so keep looking!

There will also be some VIP given away through events, one each day, so keep your eyes tuned to Clarke and Tommy_Jones status updates.

Chenko also did some amazing work and created leaderboards for SAMP that you can check out here: http://mt-gaming.com/index.php?pages/leaderboards/. They'll make an appearance in the top nav bar in the near future.
(Did you notice there are TDM leaderboards too?)

On the CS:GO side of things, I believe JimboDerphus has a tournament lined up for you, so keep watching the CS:GO section as well as his wall.

Last but certainly not least, Earl has a treat for us that will go live on Sunday the 20th which is the exact anniversary date.

You can now watch Earl's video here:

Four years! What a wild ride. Have fun this weekend!​
Since my status is going to get buried under people over-reacting or trying to make this about themselves/other people:

- it's not a joke, it's quite serious
- there is more than enough proof
- the situation was discussed intensely beforehand, this was not done lightly or in a hurry
- we purposefully didn't hide the ban thread because transparency is important but we are also not going to discuss the specifics

Please be respectful towards community members and the admin team during this time.
Apparently some people believe that the closure of a ridiculously underused Gmod server means that the SAMP admin and dev teams have been sitting on their asses doing nothing. I'm not sure where this idea comes from because it's completely silly but here I am making a thread about it.

What's going with SAMP and the fall update?

We've heard lots of feedback about money, how it's hard to make, how it's hard to keep, and so on; at the same time, the admin team is committed to keeping a semi-realistic economy to prevent the clusterfuck of 1.0 where money no longer meant anything either positively or negatively. We're going to approach this problem from a number of directions:
- Base paycheck increased from 1200 to 1500
- Job payouts increased from 4x to 6x while job timers remaining the same.
- Working with the PD to reduce the number of fines that are handed out for the more serious crimes
- Moving the garbage truck job to a more accessible location to make it attractive to players again
- Casino payouts increased (already happened)

We've also heard from a number of players, both inside and outside of the PD, talk about wanting a prison system / jail yard. It's been a topic of discussion among the admin multiple times over the years but it's never really seemed like a good fit for MTG and a good approach was never found. Well, that's all about to change:
- Introduction of prison system
- Current sentences will likely stay the same, some more serious crimes may get extended
- When your time is up, you have the option of leaving right away or remaining longer
- Mostly populated by NPC guards, some of which will have interaction options both inside and outside prison with special opportunities for official gangs
- PD has the option of sending players to prison to patrol
- Paychecks will be disabled while in prison but you can earn tickets through various ways and spend them at a canteen for food (hunger system) or small roleplay items
- Solitary...
Hello and welcome to Xenforo 1.5.0! It's an update many of you have been anxiously waiting so I'll quickly point out the new bells and whistles.

You can now like comments on statuses!!
Two-step verification for the security-minded.

For the full list of changes, click here.
By popular request, we now have an official 24/7 MTG Gmod server!! Feel free to check it out and have a blast with the rest of the community.

Quick links:
- Forums
- Steam Workshop (maps, addons, etc.)
- Click the banner at the top of the forums
So let's break this down real quick because I'm honestly really tired of talking about it.

It was requested that we clarify the DM rule in light of some recent warns. The admin team talked about it and realized we weren't really on the same page anymore, so we had a meeting in TS and came up with the following clarification or requirements or whatever you want to call it.

After that, a lot of misinformation and misinterpretation happened. David and Charlie905 were the biggest pushers of this so I invited them into a forum PM along with Tommy_Jones and Clarke to ask for examples of what they thought was wrong with the clarification. David participated, Charlie did not, and here's a record of the conversation.

Hi folks!

Just a quick clarification on the topic of hiding weapons on your back with bag toys.

If you can hide the whole weapon on your back with one bag toy, that's perfectly acceptable.

Using two bag toys to hide a weapon is not acceptable and will be deemed non-RP behavior. The first time this is observed, the admin will give you one chance to make the change; after that, it's a warning.

In case you're not sure what using two bags looks like, here's an example:

Statuses and likes have been disabled for about an hour now and it's already driving me up the wall. I love checking in on the forums and see what's going on, what's happening, what people are saying and doing. With statuses disabled, the forums seem as still as the grave and nobody wants that.

So why were they disabled? A small group of people decided they were going to push the admin team as much as they could, just to see who would "break" and when. That same group also decided to troll one of our players and, in doing so, spam out anything unrelated to their stupidity. I've never seen so many forum warns handed out in such a small amount of time. There was also a fairly large likefarm circlejerk going on amongst that group, constantly posting and reposting on each others walls for spam and likes.

It would be great if we could avoid going back to that sort of behavior when statuses and likes come back. It would be a real shame if an hour of no statuses or likes turned into a whole weekend.

If you're saying to yourself that you didn't do anything, that's possibly very true, unfortunately the actions of a few can greatly affect the innocent majority. You can help avoid situations like this from arising by telling those around you to knock it off

And no, contrary to what some people have said, this has nothing to do with genuine "happy birthday" wishes being given to somebody on their birthday.