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by Rickles_J_Westingham at 11:35 AM
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It's almost hard to believe that we're approaching MTG's third anniversary. Isn't it amazing how time flies when you're having fun?

To celebrate three years of existence, we'll be having festitivies next weekend. Here's a quick rundown of some things you may see happening.

- In-game events
- Possibly some game servers thrown up for a laugh or two
- More events
- Details of a big giveaway announced
- Live AMA/AUA in TS with the admin and dev team! (Saturday!)
- Events, events, events

by Rickles_J_Westingham at 9:55 PM
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I've seen some reports of lag on SAMP the last couple of days and I myself have experienced issues when connecting to the server. I wasn't quite sure what it was, everything checked out with our host and with our hardware. Today I got a message from our host with a possible reason:

I'll be performing some tests and communicating further with our host and...
by Rickles_J_Westingham at 4:11 PM
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I apologize for the loooong delay but, as promised, here is the download for the last MTG MC map.


It should have everything you need, if something is missing please let me know.
by Rickles_J_Westingham at 9:11 AM
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Walkie talkies are meant to be used for IC communication, they are not meant to be used as a ghetto version of /g. Using /wt for OOC chat purposes has always been against the rules; just because a lot of people have gotten away with it doesn't make it right.

Going forward, this rule will be enforced more strictly.

Please note that we understand sometimes players make mistakes and want to correct them. For example, Gang Member A reports a rival gang car driving through the neighbourhood but...
by Rickles_J_Westingham at 2:02 PM
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There have been a few topics that have come up for discussion over the last little while, both in public and in the admin forums, and I'd like to take a little bit of time to fill you in on the results of those discussions.

Vehicle skins / vehicle names
When you boil it right down, there's two points of view here.
- Using a mod to change the way your vehicle looks (turning a Sultan into a Skyline or whatever) allows players to personalize their game and spice it up a bit....
by Rickles_J_Westingham at 10:48 AM
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Yup, that's right, suggestions will be opening up again soon.

I know it's been a long time, partly because I'm the one responsible for close them in the first place and partly because some people take great delight in telling me how long it's been, but I assure you there were very good reasons. I'm not going to get into them right now because I've done so at length in a number of other threads and nobody, least of all me, wants to hear it again.

Now, before the majority of you go all banana...
by Nickson at 1:21 PM
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After the absence of a player mayor for almost two years now, the admin team has decided to make a big decision. Player mayor is being brought back, just to test and see how things work out. To start this off before anyone becomes too excited, if this fails, it will fail and will not be back, possibly ever. If it succeeds, then that’s great and great things will come of it.

Though, it will be difficult to become mayor. To start with, you cannot have any active player warns. You must not have...