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by Rickles_J_Westingham at 12:56 PM
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The X4 boost to the timers and payouts for the fishing and garbage jobs are permanent. Please stop asking in /n about them.

The current paycheck boost is temporary and will be ending on October 22. Additionally, it is now configured so only players with 20 playing hours or less will receive it.

Today a number of players were warned for using /wt for OOC purposes. I suggest you all make yourselves familiar with this thread:...
by Rickles_J_Westingham at 8:45 PM
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In November 2013, the way the admin team operated underwent some changes - the head admin position went away and the concept of rank 7 and rank 8 was introduced. After almost a year of this, and some thought and discussion, the system is going to change once more.

Until further notice, rank 7 is going away. Nickson already stepped down from the admin team the other day and Colm and Watson will be accepting spots at rank 5. Leadership of the...
by Rickles_J_Westingham at 1:41 PM
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1.) Car-surfing is not allowed. Period. End of story. It doesn't matter if you are driving a truck with an open box in the back, it doesn't matter if you're riding a bike with room on the handlebars, it simply isn't allowed.

2.) Standing on the street and shouting, "Gun/drugs/whatever for sale!!" is considered non-RP behavior.

It should be noted that these are both long-standing rules, just because we moved cities doesn't mean the rules have changed or that we're allowing the rules to be...
by Rickles_J_Westingham at 6:20 AM
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That's right, you heard it here first. MTG:Los Santos is now open for business.

A huge THANK YOU to the admin and dev teams without whom this wouldn't be possible. We all worked hard on this and we're very proud to have you, the playerbase, finally use it.

If you experience any bugs, and hopefully you don't, use the appropriate forum. PLEASE be patient too.
by Rickles_J_Westingham at 2:04 AM
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Server will be opening up between 11 AM and 12 PM GMT.
by Rickles_J_Westingham at 1:00 AM
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"The admin and dev team are pleased to announce that MTG:RP is moving to Los Santos! This is something we've been working on like crazy for the last month or so and we're really excited to finally unveil this plan to the community."

That, or something along those lines, was the post we wanted to make during the anniversary weekend; hell, we were planning to make the post on the exact day of the third anniversary. Instead we had to rush it out the door because some members of the MTG community...
by Watson at 6:35 PM
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This time two years ago the MTG SAMP Server switched over from Los Santos to Las Venturas. There were many reasons as to why this switch happened. One of the main reasons was because the economy just wasn't working out and people were receiving way too much money in their paychecks and they just had too much money in general (I'm looking at you Eggy!). Thankfully, with the switch to Las Venturas, the admin team were able to fix the economy which is still in order to this day! There were also...