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Hello everybody! (Hi Doctor Nick)

Torque and myself have been looking at ways to improve the performance of MTG CS:GO and we ended up getting it its own server. Still located in New York City but now running all on its own, it should be much more responsive and suffer fewer lag spikes. Huzzah!

Moving to its own server, however, means there are additional costs involved. While these costs are not huge, they do need to be addressed. With that in mind, Torque is working on implementing a VIP system as well as a shop program. As you may have noticed, the surf server is running a shop program which will soon be used in tandem with a new VIP system. VIPs will receive reserved slots, exclusive perks in the shop, and more features to be announced in the future. We hope to have the VIP system up and running in a few weeks and are excited to showcase some of its features.
Good evening everybody!

As you can see, the 6.7.0 update has now gone live. It features a lot of updates and is also the start of more frequent updates that we previously mentioned here.

Additionally, we're also adding in two new system: player creation and a refund policy:

Player creation can no longer be done by anybody and everybody simply by connecting, instead a small (very small) application will need to be filled out. Once the application is approved, you'll be sent a PIN and you'll be able to create your character as previously able. The admin team feels that this will help avoid an influx of hackers and other jerks constantly creating characters to cause problems for us down the road. We've created the address http://register.mt-gaming.com as an easy shortcut.

The refund policy is pretty simple as well. If you've lost something, say a gun or some money, due to circumstances completely out of everybody's control (most of the time, this will be hackers), there is now a way to request those items back. Please note that the requirements are fairly rigorous because the admin team isn't going to spend all, or even most, of its time on this sort of thing.
Good morning / afternoon MTG!

Welcome back to the normal forums after a bit of fun and laughter for April Fools, it seems like the community enjoyed this years prank. The admin team had a good time planning it and, again, props to UncleSam for creating the images. If you missed the prank, it can still be viewed at http://secrethideout.mt-gaming.com.

There's been a lot of talk lately about the state of the community, mostly about the playerbase numbers for the SAMP server. The fact of the matter is that the numbers are much lower than the admin team would like them to be and we've been discussing it amongst ourselves just as much as the community has. The low player count and the overwhelming negativity on the forums lately surrounding that topic has greatly impacted the admin team, leaving us feeling very unmotivated.

After some floundering and navel-gazing and emoness, the admin team picked themselves up by their bootstraps and committed themselves to making a big, strong push to boost the numbers up again. Here's a couple ideas of how we're going to do that:
- Paychecks are going to be increased dramatically with the next update to give players more freedom with their time and their spending
- Updates are going to happen more frequently with the goal of doing it every week, even if it's just mapping
- A big IC event will be happening within the next couple of months
- The admin team is going to be holding events every weekend and not just for VIP players
- Small/medium/large roleplay opportunities will be developed by the admin team that the playerbase can join in on should they want to
- The admin and dev teams will be experimenting with ways to update/change how the SAMP works in general. These experiments may come and go in the span of a few hours or they may stick around for a few days. Please bear with us while these experiments take place.

There will be an update this weekend that incorporates some of the points I...

The MTG CS:GO server will be relaunched this Sunday with a surf gamemode installed. The server will unlock March 6th at 8:00 PM GMT +0 and will be ready for all the surfers it can hold. The server keeps tracks of record times for each map so be sure to try and set one. If you're unsure of how to surf in CS:GO, check out this tutorial or just ask for help. We hope to see you there!

Thank You to Harry Doon for help with the leaflet!
Hello everybody!

The marina at Santa Maria Beach is a popular spot for players to congregate for various IC and OOC reasons and as a result it has seen an increasing amount of negative attention from certain players who only want to rob newbies and otherwise ruin other people's fun. A lot of hotkey and low effort robberies take place there despite the fact that it's a highly public place and it would be ICly stupid to break the law in such a fashion, not to mention repeatedly visit the same location for the same purpose over and over.

Well, enough is enough. The SAMP admin team is declaring the marina to be a protected place the same way that certain job locations are protected. Below is an image displaying the area that is now protected.

If you have any constructive questions or comments, feel free to ask them; if you're going to cry about not being able to rob at the marina anymore, don't waste your time.

Just a few quick notes about the recent update about topics that may not have been evident in the changelog.

1.) The VIP levels you can purchase in-game with loyalty points only apply to VIP perks available in-game. Anything that requires VIP to do out of game (view VIP forums, get VIP permission on TS, apply for mapping requests, etc.) still requires a VIP purchase. We feel this is a decent compromise between rewarding players for playing on the server and recognizing those players who help keep the server running.

2.) The weapon damage system we're using has the ability to modify all sorts of damage values and other cool things but for right now it's only being used at a very minimal level - no damage values have been modified. Rest assured we will be working more with it in the future. Additionally, because of the way the system works "behind the scenes", any custom health bars you may have as part of your HUD or whatever will no longer work. We're looking into what can be done in terms of modifying the health bar the damage system introduced.
Okay folks, real quick announcement time.

Trippy will be hosting a town hall meeting in TS at 7 PM GMT on December 29th. When is that in your timezone? Click this link!

Topics will be:
- Negativity on the forums
- Forum fights
- Petty/revenge reports
- Rule/boundary pushing
- Project Lazarus

See you there!
I'm going to make this quick and to the point because I don't have a lot of time.

Project Lazarus is something the SAMP admin team has been talking about for many months and was finally put into play last week with the first results taking place today. What is it? Quite simply, the admin team collectively picked some names of permanently banned players and offered them a chance to come back to MTG with a clean record. It's a trial project, we're still seeing how it goes, so at this time we're going to ask that you do not pester the admin team with the names of people you want to see unbanned - this includes making indirect statuses/posts/comments/etc. Should the trial go well, and should the community manage to not bug the admin team to death, we will be expanding Project Lazarus; let me say this again - the possibility of this project continuing and expanding is (in part) directly related to your ability to remain calm and not freak out.

We'd like to hold a town hall meeting sometime this month where the community can chat with the staff and where the staff can communicate some ideas and feelings to the community. It's kind of dependent on people's schedules (school, work, family, holidays), so there isn't a concrete plan just yet. We'll let you know more details as soon as we know more details.
The suggestion process is going to change in a few ways to ensure that the majority of the feedback is received from active players and to remove some of the negative behaviors that often surround suggestions.

The first couple of changes will be done on the forums:
- Likes are being removed (+1 posts are still not allowed) to reduce the amount of like-farming and circle-jerking we see pop up every time suggestions are opened. Your suggestion will live or die based on the strength of your post and the strength of the idea in general.
- Negative behavior surrounding suggestions, whether it be unhelpful comments on other people's suggestions or rude/snide/drama-causing statuses about the acceptance/rejection of a status, will result in your ability to participate in the suggestions area removed. Keep things civil and calm and there won't be any problems.

The second couple of changes will be in-game (and coming a little bit later on):
- Suggestions will be voted on via in-game commands. There will be some slight playing hour and activity checks to ensure that we receive feedback from active players and avoid any sort of silly brigading from people who haven't bothered to contribute to MTG. I'm sure many of you remember the 100+ votes a suggestion earned in the Gmod forums and yet the server barely ever had more than 10 people on it.
- Suggestions will make it from the forums to the in-game voting system based on dev/admin team discretion. Implementation of the suggestion, even with a large number of votes, will also depend on the discretion of the dev and admin team though the likelihood of something being denied at that point seems extremely low.

The hope here is that the suggestion process can be more beneficial to the server as a whole and eliminate any drama or nonsense that often occurs. Should the above changes work out as intended, there's a very good chance that suggestion can remain open permanently.

This is JimboDerphus's idea and he will be organizing the stream over at www.twitch.tv/mtgamingcommunity so make sure to follow the channel!
Stream will start on Saturday the 21st of November, at 12:00 GMT.
Find out what time that is in your timezone!

All donations will be going towards SickKids, an international health-care community working towards improving the health of kids. You can read more about them on their website!

Together, as a community, we can have a positive impact on the lives of sick children, and help prevent more kids getting terminally sick.

Shoutout to Snapple Legend for the graphics behind the leaflet, as well as the graphics used on the twitch channel.​