Hello MT-Gaming!

The V-RP Development team is happy to announce that we are finally comfortable with the current state of the game-mode and are ready for a full public release!

The V-RP server will initially release on the Grand Theft Multiplayer client as GTA:Network currently has a few issues with their client which causes constant crashes. The client for V-RP, however, is not set in stone and we will be constantly evaluating all of our options to determine which is the best for the future of MTG V-RP. (Download GT-MP Link)

The official release date barring any extenuating circumstances is Friday, July 28th 2017! A handy banner will be placed at the top of the forums to give us a countdown! If you need a reminder of what to expect, take another look at the trailer:

I'd like to extend a special thank you to the V-RP development team for all their hardwork, the V-RP beta testers for finding a bunch of bugs, and the admins across the forums for their input. Furthermore, thank you to Conor for all of the fantastic graphics he has created for the V-RP team.

We do expect a few hiccups during release as nothing ever goes smoothly so please do be patient with us on Friday! This thread will be updated with a server IP on Friday once the server is up and ready.
Hello MTG!

We're getting with the times and are releasing our very own discord server!

As of recently we have received reports of players advertising their discords on MTG then using those servers to advertise other communities. Not only have players being using these servers to advertise, they were using them to bully/attack players that joined. MTG isn't responsible for what happens outside of our services. This way, our users can enjoy discord and we don't have to keep responding to messages about third party servers. Also MTG moves with the times, yey!

Due to these reasons we will no longer be allowing users to share their discords publicly. What people do on their own private discords/teamspeak servers is fine. However, MTG will no longer be used as an advertising service for these servers.

Sharing links to other discord/Teamspeak servers will result in your status/post being removed. If you continue to post your account may be limited/banned.

It is no secret that the general state of the forums in the last few months is toxicity gone unchecked. This can be attributed to a few reasons and the blame does not solely rest on the admin team or the players. The blame rests on both groups. The admins for becoming too lax with the forum rules and the players for taking gross advantage of them.

Moving Target Gaming is more than just a couple game servers. Our forums reflect that. MT-Gaming is a gaming community in which players can discuss, share, and enjoy many different things that may not have anything to do with SA:MP or V-RP. However, the forums have begun to sink into a dark state where vile content has been left alone and allowed to become the norm. No one thinks twice about seeing someone post something totally uncalled for on another's wall on the front page of the forums because we are used to it. The problem is the front page of the forums is the way we present ourselves to new players. It is the first thing they'll ever see of MT-Gaming outside of the servers. I'll tell you right now, they aren't getting an impression that makes them want to be apart of this community.

Before moving on with the this announcement, it is important to note that while MT-Gaming values supporting a forum for free and open discussion, we are a private entity. The administration team is free to remove any content which violates the rules which are laid out at their discretion. This is not censorship, this is moderation. Different websites and forums have different levels of tolerance for various types of speech and you must abide by said forums policy to continue to freely enjoy them.

Furthermore, this is not an attack on your free speech as some will chime. You are free to be an asshole if you'd like but not on MT-Gaming. Some will also argue that we are all adults here and should be able to say what we want. I agree in that we are all adults and should know what is objectively appropriate to say when discussing...

On the eve of the V-RP Closed Beta, the V-RP team is excited to release the official server trailer. Hopefully, this trailer satisfies that urge that we all have to get this server launched just a little bit longer as we begin to allow a select few onto the server.

(All footage taken on the V-RP Test Server)
As some may have heard, the V-RP Closed Beta will start sometime tomorrow. During the duration of the beta, the development team will crack down on bugs and issues which are discovered to prepare the server for official launch. Once the beta concludes, we will take a final gloss over the code and ready it for full launch. We don't have a set date yet, but we will announce a launch date once it has been decided.

Special thanks to Norton for putting this trailer together, ItzJordan, 101spud, and Catháir for providing acting abilities, the V-RP development team for all the hard work everyone has been putting in, and of course the community for being patient and understanding during this entire process. This server is for the community, we would not be here without you.

In an effort to involve the community as much as possible in the preparation of MTG V-RP, we have decided to begin accepting applications for a V-RP Closed Beta.

I know many will be disappointed with the closed nature of this beta, however, a closed beta will better allow us to handle major and minor issues in a quick manor and in such a way that they will not affect the longterm longevity of the server. This includes stability issues, exploitable bugs, etc that would ruin the experiences of a live server resulting in the loss of potential new players from outside the community.

There has not been a set date for the beginning of the closed beta, however, it will be soon. The players will be chosen randomly from the pool of submitted responses and will notified via PM with information once the closed beta is open.

The server will be reset once the closed beta ends. This will not offer an unfair advantage to testers.

To apply please use the google form below:


Screenshots & Videos of the closed beta will be allowed.​